Thursday, January 13, 2011

Solid food

Declan has recovered from flu, oh thank God! And so, I was excited to introduce him his first solid food which is cereal! Yay! The date was not so important but it meant so much to me -- 9th of Jan, 6 months & 3 weeks of Declan! That means Declan has entered another stage of growth! =)

Teri passed me different types of organic cereal. Oh man, they all smell so good and yummy! I hope my baby would love it. I waited for King to be home from work for video recording. We were excited for the moment!

I mixed 3 teaspoon of cereal and 1 ounce of warm water into his small bowl. I introduced Declan the cereal before his noon time meal. The little rascal was hungry for milk when I offered him first few of teaspoons of cereal. He likes it, I'd say. Not used to spoon-feed, Declan gave me a funny face. And he pushed my hand with teaspoon into his mouth by using his both hands. Awww.....!!! I love the push!! His hands and eyes are well-coordinated! This little hungry baby cried for milk before finishing his cereal, haha! And then, I offered him another 5 ounces of milk. King and I were glad that he finished everything up! Yay!!

I'm going to offer cereal once a day for a week from now on. Hopefully, he has no food allergy after a week of monitoring. I'd introduce him pumpkin, sweet potato, avocado, etc slowly. Baby Declan, mommy will make you a lot of delicious food, alright?

You are my sunshine, son! We are so proud of you! =)