Monday, June 30, 2008

Shall I or Shall I Not?

I've been browsing many blogs owned by my friends since last year. And I told myself that I will not write my dairy in the Internet due to my privacy. Yet, after figuring out how good owning a blog is, I decided to start blogging, woo-hoo! This is the power of Internet, haha!!

Well, after visiting a few blogging websites, I decided to own my very first blog today. June is a birth-month of King. I believe this is a good month to start a new one! :)

Have you ever been Tahiti?

Tahiti, yes TAHITI!! It is one of the most romantic and beautiful places for honeymooners! It can beat Maldives, Fiji, Bahamas, Boracay, Hawaii, you name it.... I have a Honeymoon magazine sitting in my bookshelf. Yet, Tahiti is not in the list. Well, I guess the pricey package is way too far for everyone to spend honeymoon there.

I remember that I've told King that I would like to be a Tahitian in my next round of life if I have the right to choose. He was surprised. I guess I'm just fond of the beauty of mother nature.... :0)

The most intelligent animal in the world

Back to year 2002, I received a special birthday gift from my husband, King. When I opened the envelope, there were 2 tickets inside that blinked my eyes -- the ticket to swim with dolphin!!! I was hectic and felt so touched that one of my dreams was going to be fulfilled! That year, King and I had an up-closed-personal touch with my favorite animal, and we had our own video shooting with the little one! That was fantastic, and I will never forget this wonderful experience in my life!

Do you know that ~~ Dolphin in America theme parks does apply sunblock?