Sunday, November 30, 2008

Heal my wound with my positive thoughts.

I was in bad mood few days ago. I just felt like to scold anyone without a reason. That was really a bad me! Was that triggered by hormone imbalance? I've no clue.

I was struggling and felt like to cry for no reason. But I hold my emotion and not to let King read my mind. Because I wanted to solve my problem by myself without giving any more burden to him. This is what I can do the best being a wife. 

Human being is a greedy animal. We are sensitive with a smart brain. And, we hoping for having everything in hand without satisfaction. In a sarcastic way, A envy me, I envy B, B envy C.... no good ending. But, what's the point to go with the unending circle and I will not be happy at all?

After a day of cooling off, I felt much better although I haven't find the best solution for my doubts and miserable thoughts. I must write down all my questions in my life and have them solved one by one. Most importantly is to achieve the goals together with King. So that, we can see the world together and learn through all the hard lessons. 

Thanks for being there with me, my dearest King. And, I will not forget my good friends who were there for me as well. Cheer up!! =)

Bad dream, pls stay away from me!

I had a bad dream two nights ago. I guess that was because I read through all the detail news regarding the terrorist attack in Mumbai, India before I went to bed. The horror true stories just made me in shock and it was just another 911 to me. 

I was captured by someone in the dream and I was dead. When I found out that I was dead, there were two friends were dead together with me at the same time. We were freak out and cried. Then, one of the friends told us that he wanted to buy ToTo if he could be alive again (what the hell?!). Later on, we found out there was a time machine that could bring us back. However, there was a guard stopped us by saying that we couldn't going back to be alive. I cried without stopping and I begged the guard to let me to be alive because I wanted to stay with my hubby! I miss my hubby so much, I said. Suddenly, I was waken up by sound. I looked at King who was sleeping by my side, I was like, what the hell... What dream was that?! I woke King up and told him about my dream. He gave me a hug into sleep again. 

That was a bad dream to me. And, I do not want that happen in my real life. And, I will not read any bad and sad news before going to bed anymore. Bad dream, please stay away from me. 

Monday, November 24, 2008

How good about reading?!

It has been a while for not updating my blog recently. Oh, my bad my bad... I don't wanna name too many excuses here, hehe!

Borders is our weekly destination where we will not miss out every weekend! King and I love to browse the magazines and books, with a cup of Latte on hand or table while sitting down enjoying the music as well. We are able to relax 100% while in bookstore to free our mind but have some new input with bunch of latest news. I find that reading is part of our life since many years ago during our stay in California. Although we are unable to finish a book every week, it's a good habit anyway rather than hanging in shopping mall without purpose.

Reading is a good habit, we can't deny. There are so many benefits coming from reading a good book. Well, the definition of a good book here means no bringing any harm to a society at all. And, a reader shouldn't bring violence to the society after reading. I find that the best part of reading is we can learn to see the true oneself after reading a book. We know what is in our mind and have our thought organized well to pursue what we want in our life. No one likes to get critisize from others with negative view. But book can critisize someone without voice and tune, how amazingly it is!

Sometimes, we can get a lot of good ideas from books as well. I read a lot of magazines when come to home deco, recipe, traveling, and business ideas! And, reading can help me improve my English as well! There are just too many good stuff related to reading!!!

Read read read! I hope more people will be able to squiz their time for reading time! It is one of the best habits that everyone should not miss out!! =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Friendship forever

I recently had quite a few of women-talk conversation with few best friends. Well, it's all related to family issue and how to be a problem solver. After exchanging our own lessons and experiences, we learnt from each other about how to become a more positive-minded person, haha! And, we push each other up from our down-turn to a higher level. I would like to thank all my good girl friends here -- that's what friends are for! Thanks for being there with me when I need to lean on your shoulder for support! Thanks for lending your ears to me when I need let things out! 

Cheers for our forever friendship!! =)

ps: special thanks to Kelly, Ya Hooi, Michelle, Hannah, and many more....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Our very first Christmas Tree

We bought our very first Christmas tree last Saturday! Yahoo!! Initially, King would like to get a small tree that less than 4 feet tall. But I sweet-talk to him a little bit with some of my good points, he decided to let me make the final call and pick all the ornaments I want. I finished the decoration today. He was surprised when he opened the door. I'm glad that King loves the Christmas tree without his much expectation and it ends up a festive feeling! Too bad we are not living in a snowy weather. 

Merry Christmas to everyone I love and I miss! I wish the Santa will come down your chimnee at Christmas Eve and make your wishes come true! =)  Ho ho ho....!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

It's our anniversary today! Well, the date is our first date back in Wang Wang Porridge House, California. Although it was not our officially first date, the lunch was just between me and King. Since then, we fall in love with each other until now. And, we wish to hand-hold forever in the rest of our life. Well, this is a simple anniversary but it means a lot to both of us. 

Happy Anniversary!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's not a Doom day to financial controller yet!

As we all know that, the world wide economy is not in good shape now. All kinda industry is hit and affected seriously. The world wide stocks has been tumbled by trillions dollar -- a sky high figure! As a woman, what can we do and help in our family in terms of giving a hand to save some extra cost? Here you go.

1. Save the housing expenses. Electricity, water bill is a hidden cost when comes to housing expenses. So, we will have to keep an eye on the usage. I believe this will be a good habit even the economy picks up one day.

2. Having simple meals instead of going to fine-dine restaurants. It's always feeling good to have some good food when we are allowed. Well, when our pocket is allowed, ha! Learn how to cook at home and enjoy the meal at home! It safes our precious time and car petrol, in the other way! 

3. Having a traveling plan ahead? Need a break and vacation to free your mind? Go for a budget type, instead of luxury trip, if you really feel like to have a short break! 

4. Gadget newbie? It's just an extra expense to get yourself a new gadget like handphone, camera, computer, etc. I know there must be a lot of good deal during economy down turn. Get it when it is a must or necessary. 

5. My 4-wheels transportation is old. If your car can be wheel alright still, do not look for a new one. Car is a depreciating item, bare in mind that. Unless you have confidence on your financial statement. 

6. Shopping!!!! Women love shopping, even a window shopping! Try to cut down the chances of hanging around in shopping malls. A piece of RM50 worth of cloth can add up to 3 or 4 figures at the end within a month or two. 

7. Credit card, the future money. I personally do not have a single credit card. I don't have anyone of it! I control my buying power and budget all the time for better accounting purpose. Well, this depends on individual case. Some people prefer looking into or keep an eye on monthly credit card statement for budgeting. 

It's always good to control cash in our hands. Cash is King! =)



这位爸爸说,他偶尔会问起他的宝贝小女儿,当她长大以后,有了男朋友,还会不会爱爸爸呢? 我自己也被这问题问倒了,眼泪也快出来了。Atlas 说,他不介意一直把他的一岁小宝贝抱在怀里,因为当她有一天不要你把她抱在怀里时,你就很难有机会把她给抱着了。听起来是又开心又有点难过。毕竟,孩子是会一天一天地长大,也会不需要爸妈的保护。

我目前还没有带孩子的经念,都是从我妈和朋友身上听取一些经念谈。大家都叫我快点生孩子。其实,我也是很喜欢小孩子的。我想,当时机来时,我的小孩一定会来。我就先在这些爸爸妈咪的身上学些经念吧! 我不打前锋,呵呵! 最重要的是,可以生出一个健健康康快快乐乐又是自己的孩子,那就足够了!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fate, problems....

I chatted with a few good friends lately regarding family problems -- an unending problems with no perfect solutions. It's good to have sharing with someone u have the same tune and click. Well, I learnt something new from the conversations. 

I actually dislike the word of "Fate", sometimes. This word sounds hopeless and unavoidable. It gives me a feeling of lacking of choices. Some people will just believe in fate and give up the fighting spirit, not even a try. And, these people make their life even more complicated. 

Life is full of old and new problems. Problems will never stop coming. And, it'll end up only the survivors are the one who enjoy the happy ending of life. Are you a problem solver? This is a tough question, hehehe.... Wish all of us luck!


我一向来是个快乐的女人。我一直要当个快乐的女人。不是要让别人羡慕或什么的,而是想要让我的快乐能感染我身边所爱的老公和亲朋好友。这完全得靠我的意志力和 EQ 了。很奇怪的是,要快乐,是一件很容易但又不容易的事情啊! 



我要做个快乐的人。希望大家也一样! Cheers!

I'm Yours -- Jason Mraz

I like the song "I'm Yours" sang by Jason Mraz very much! Don't you think so? I turn on my speaker and listen to this song everyday, recently, to ease my mood and relax myself a little bit more. The rythm is just right especially in the morning time to start a good new day. I feel very much energetic in a happy mode while listening to this song, right before starting a new day. I don't care what the lyrics are but I just love it! 

This is the unplug version. Let's clap our hands and swing our body while listening to this song, free your mind and have a brand new day everyday! =)

English-ed.... So??? You are just a BANANA!

好久都没 UPDATE 我的 BLOG 了。最近都蛮多东西做的。当中,也遇到一些令人讨厌的人,那些完全没有 EQ 的人,而且是受英文教育的人类。


当然,一些香蕉人还是很自以为是,觉得讲英文是有型的,是有知识的,是有 CLASS 的,时高尚的。而我前阵子遇到一个怪人,发生了一些不愉快的事情。我们这些念过中文书的人,知道什么是"礼,义,廉,耻"!!! 有时候我在想,念英文书的人,到底念了什么呢? 什么 EQ 都是零蛋一个!

我曾经见到一些妈妈在烦恼,到底要让孩子念什么书,中文书还是英文书。我说,妈妈们啊,语言不是最重要的,家教才是最重要的啊! 在念英文书的当儿,可别忘了我们中国人的礼,义,廉,耻呀! 要在社会立足,这些"礼,义,廉,耻"才能让我们继续活得更精彩! 而不是说什么语言来决定你明天吃什么饭呢! 

而那些只会讲英文的香蕉人们,去念些中文字吧! 当你们会读我这篇文章时,再去念什么是"礼,义,廉,耻"吧! 你的人生肯定能更美好! =)  相信我!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

You are my doctor

I'm not feeling very well these few days. And, unfortunately, I had seriously stomachache all of the sudden at 3 am last night. Oh my god, that was the worst stomachache that I've ever had in my life! The pain was killing me and driving me crazily fo 3 hours, on and off! Thank God King drove out to get me some last-minute medicine to stop the pain the whole night and dawn. I couldn't back to sleep until 6 am. Thank you, my dear! Thanks for being with me when I was having sweaty unexpectedly pain! =)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Less worry = Happy

Due to the worldwide financial crisis and economy unstablity, King and I have changed our traveling plan. We plan to do a small one, instead of going for a luxury vacation. Well, our destination is important in a vacation. But the most important thing is we must be able to enjoy ourselves to the fullest with as less worry as we can. I guess I'm satisfied easily as long as I can go somewhere with my hubby. That's it! =)  Awww... I'm like a "Little Woman"!! Hahaha! Well, I like it! 

Watch out!

I, sometimes, will show King my friends' blogs with beautiful pictures. King is amazed by all these writers, haha!

King pointed out something that I think I should mention to all the mothers here. We are happy to share our happy moments with our friends through blogging. There are many mothers love sharing their little one's pictures and daily activities in the blog as well. This is, somehow, a little bit risky in a way. Because stranger who has bad intention will nail down all the activities with detail information. So, dear mothers, please do not pin point where and when about any activity you do with your little one. And, try to avoid uploading video which was taken inside your house. Stranger will look into your house thru your video and your daily schedule. 

We might sound a little bit paranoid. But blog will link to crime one day. Please do not take technology for granted and stay alert. 

Alright, I better keep this article short. =)  Happy blogging!