Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It's a little bit of unhealthy with no income for a person. I don't wanna use "sad" word in this phrase because I don't wanna make it so sad in a way.
There are many ladies (or housewives) are willing to sacrifice their career for their home and children. And, they give up high income just for spending more quality time with their children and handle unending housework. Some of them are lucky to have pocket money from their hubby.
I'm happy that I've gone through a lot of hardship from my previous direct sales business. Although it's not a five-figure, I can have some pocket money that made by my own every month. Hmm... I'm planning to do more investment by using the saving part. Wish me luck!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Location? No where is perfect!

We had a good time catching up with Andrew, who is back from the bay area fo 6 weeks holiday, last Thursday. It has been 5 years for not seeing him since our back for good to Malaysia.
Not a question from Andrew only but other friends to us as well: How long did we take for the life adjustment or adaption? Do we prefer United States or Malaysia? Western country or Asian country? ....... Never ending and repeated questions for years....
King's answer is simple, straight forward and GOOD -- It depends on how we treat our life by our attitudes, anywhere is the same, no where is perfect! Nothing can beat human being's satisfaction, and I agree!
Well, there are a lot of things that we've to pay off in our life. Yes, a lot of trade-off. Stick to our goal of life, it's worth it at the end. King and I do not have a hectic life style. We spend most of our personal time on reading, movies, doggy, house, etc. We try to make it for oversea traveling to brighten our life and knowledge at least once a year. Life is how you treat it and play with it.
We love our life style. And we will make it better in our way of happiness. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where are you from?

This is a very common question - "Where are you from?" - when we met new friends. We love traveling because we can meet so many beautiful people from around the world.

We are so small in this world, can't deny that. But sometimes we are not convincing ourselves to be as generous as what we should be. And many of us are not as humble as we should be when we have a small achievement. Hmm.... King has to be my life guidance in a long run. So that, we can remind each other to be a better person or a good role model to our next generation. :)
Picture above: Neil from Melbourne with his beloved wife Svetlana who is from Russia. It's an unbelievable and amazing experience to meet wonderful people. Neil is the owner of a well-known surfing shirt named RadiCool. They are one of the best people we have ever met!! We are looking forward to our Melbourne trip next time and a get-together! Cheers!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Home

I love our home very much! It brings me coziness, snugly warm and comfortable feeling. I'll fill up our home with love and laughter; I'll beautify our home with joyful memories. Thank you for giving me a home-sweet-home, King! :*)

Rome was not built in a day and neither is your paycheck.

King and I have a plan in mind - let's go to Italy one day!!! :D It's not easy to backpack in Europe, especially in ancient Italy, with many pickpockets on streets.
Italy was on our honeymoon list 2 years ago. But we ended up with Greece out of Italy and Egypt. And yet, we did not forget Italy. Well, before hopping up to Italy, we shall build a big one in our paycheck or saving account. Rome was not built in a day, and so does our paycheck, haha!
Angel, little angel! Can you fly us to Italy in our dreams....? :p Alrighty, let's make this happen in year 2009 or 2010! See you in Italy, my love! :)

I left my love in San Francisco

King is a jazzy person. He loves jazz, all kind of jazz. And, I fall in love with jazz too after knowing him. Jazz brings me different kind of melody that can calm myself down and relax a bit more. With a cup of coffee in hand, that'd be more than wonderful! Cheers, my dear! Thanks for introducing me such a wonderful melody notes that brighten my life up! :)

Attitude determines Altitude

Reading child education books doesn't mean to train our future kiddy to be a genius. It makes me know how to be a better-self and teach or guide my future kiddy to be a better person who can overcome obstacles in a positive way. There is a well-said quote: "Attitude Determines Altitude"!

The Catamaran, The Yatch

King and I browsed a yatch magazine few days ago when we were enjoying our weekend in Borders. I picked up the magazine accidentally while seeing a beautiful yatch from a magazine cover. That was a coincidence after coming back from our island trip and noticed on different kind of beautiful yatch.
I showed King a few colorful pages after seeing some beautiful yatch and sexy bikini girls (well, those are beachy photos, haha!). He quickly looked for a nice couch and bought a cup of coffee, and we sat down and enjoyed the magazine.
Getting a yatch is a dream of King. He wish to sail from a destination to another destination with his loved one (I was told by him, and hopefully the lady is ME, hehe!) and enjoying the breeze on board together. He told me that wealthy people in the world don't talk about luxury cars, they talk about sailing and yatch. I was surprised with the price tag of getting a yatch afterall, which will cost over million US dollar easily for a brand new yatch (guess what, I asked King how much does a sampan boat in M'sia cost, ha!). And, it depends on how powerful the engine is and how nicely done and spacious the interior part. Oh my god! I teased on King that he'll definitely bring his girlfriends or mistress out to the sea and enjoy the umbrella drinks without me. He swears to God that he will never bring other girls and blar blar blar. But, I know that most of the wealthy guys in the world are not sincere to their wife (my good friend Kelly has seen many cases from her previous job in S'pore before). At the end, I told King that I don't want a yatch or anything costy. I just want a loving and caring husband who can spend the whole life time with me happily. I guess this is the dream for all women who want a simple life.
One thing is, it is good to have dream! Hence, I will not stop my husband not to dreaming for a yatch. Dreams make people move on. :0) So, keep it up!

Monday, August 18, 2008


我一直都很佩服一些朋友和学弟学妹学长,他们的中文 BLOG 可以写得这么好。好得可以写诗画诗呢! 每一次的观网都是一个"赞"字了得! 而我,想必能用几句比较好的话来形容我所拍的照片来表达我的感想吧! 呵呵!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Our house had 2 beautiful guests visited yesterday. The house was messy and dirty that I have not clean up after coming back from our trip. Before reaching home, King had already cleaned up a little bit for me without my help. I was surprise!

Thank you, my love! I will always remember how sweet you are to me! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm blessed

Having fun at the beach is such a wonderful activity, if no incident or disaster happen.

Phuket was damaged and hit by tsunami so badly in year 2004 just right after Christmas -- that was Boxing Day in Thailand that day. I hardly believe that this beautiful island with other small islands surrounding was a tragedy that time. The Ocean was calm during my trip to Phuket and the tide was just nice to swim around at the beach. It was sad to re-watch the video clips of tsunami after my trip. Well, main part is I can't believe how powerful the mother nature can be that it shock everyone from the world!

When I was looking at the beach, enjoying the breeze, high up was the blueish sky with cloud, I'm blessed that I come from a country with no natural disaster at all. And, I was better than lucky to survive from small earthquake in Sillicon Valley and tornado hit in Stillwater few years ago. I guess I'm lucky and I appreciate whatever I'm having now. Don't you too, my friends? Seize the day! :)

Something that we miss while we were away.

We miss Coby very much when we were on holiday, especially the first day we reached Phuket. We couldn't imagine when we are parents one day, we shall bring along our kids for vacation or not?! So, when we got back from Phuket, the first thing we did in the next day (we reached home in midnight) was picking up this little fellow, Coby, the 7 months of doggie! Brought Coby out for a short walk and a breeze and catch-up a little bit! :)

Hideaway to Phuket in Thailand

We are back! Yes, we had a great trip back from beautiful Phuket in Thailand for 6 days 5 nights! It'll be more wonderful if we can stay there for 10 days for other island hopping trips, hehe! Oh well, we always have chances to re-visit Phuket since it is nearby with one hour flight only from KL Malaysia.

We arrived at Phuket around 3.30 pm and we had sight seeing trip from the airport to Karon beach where we stayed for 5 nights. After exploring the downtown before and after our very first dinner in Phuket, we signed up 2 excursion island hopping trips with the local tour agency.

2nd day, we hop on the ferry to famous Phang Nga Bay for sightseeing and canoeing trip. Fortunately, we were so glad to meet 2 new Aussie friends - Neil & Svetlana - on boat. This lovely couple planned to spend 10 days on the island for their honeymoon! How sweet! :) It was pretty fun and enjoyable trip while canoeing with our crew. The James Bond Island becomes more famous and be the top 3 must-go attractions for Phuket visiting. After one day excursion trip with people from all of the world, we catch-up with Neil & Svetlana for a drink after our dinner again.

3rd day, we had a very relaxing day at Karon and Kata beach together with the lovely couple Neil & Svetlana. Neil was borned in Melbourne and Svetlana is Russion but now married to Neil. Neil is a good surfer. 4 of us swam in the ocean and surf with boggie board. That was a fantastic experience!! Neil taught King some tips of looking at the wave and the skill to surf. That was wonderful and fun afternoon to 4 of us! Of course, we were tan, especially me and King with no Radicool shirt protection, ha! Neil is the owner of Radicool in Australia, which is a famous shirt brand for +100UV protection. :) After a tiring swimming and surfing, we had our tasty and cheap BBQ prawns at local hawker stall. The shrimps were just so delicious, hehehe! After spending 5 hours with Neil & Svetlana, we head back to our hotel for dinner while watching Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony. I just can't tell how proud I am to be a Chinese nowadays, ha!

4th day, we hop on a speedboat to world famous Phi Phi Island for snokerling and sightseeing. Phi Phi Island contains 2 islands - Phi Phi Ley & Phi Phi Don. It is sooooo beautiful in the Phi Phi and the water is crystal clear!!!! The beach is very sandy and fine! I'm sure it'd be more beautiful like heaven before the tsunami disaster in year 2004. Many corals are dead now and waiting to be alive again. We stopped by Coral (Khai) Island for swimming and fish feeding. It was a great trip to Phi Phi! We will definitely visit Phi Phi Island again for full day swimming during our next visit! When we got back to our hotel around 5.30 pm, we swam again in our hotel swimming pool, hehe! It was a relaxing evening in our hotel!

5th day, we did some catch-up with Neil & Svetlana again in the morning and seeing them off. We hope to meet each other again in Melbourne! After that, we hopped on a shuttle to Patong beach for a visit and shopping. I ended up buy nothing because the souveniors in Karon are much cheaper!!! Everything is commercialized in Patong and the crowd is packed. Something interesting for us was to try out the local street food - papaya salad, BBQ chicken wing, BBQ beef, BBQ fish, Thai coconut, etc. And, of course, we didn't miss out the foot massage in Patong too, ha! We caught a sunset view before heading back to Karon. And then, we did aromatherapy massage in Karon and that was GOOD and cheap with 350 bath (RM35) per person! We had a good sleep that night, ha! Zzzzz....

Last day morning, we shopped some souveniors in Karon and went for a delicious Thai food before heading for spa & massage. We had jacuzzi, foot massage, facial treatment, aromatherapy oil massage, body scrub for 3 hours!! I would love to do that again when we re-visit Phuket!! It was 1700 Bath (RM170) per person.

Overall, Phuket is a beautiful and good place to visit, either honeymooners or family trip. We will definitely visit Phuket again in near future! And, Similan Island (peak season only), Krabi & Racha Island are on our list for our next trip!!! :@) See you again, beautiful Phuket!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Soak up the sun!!!

It has been a long while not to have a short honeymoon for me and King. So, we decided to take a short break!! At the same time, we can have some catch-up and relaxing time for a few days. Married life is not like a bed of roses but we must enjoy our life whenever we can! Let me get back to my blog after soaking up the Sun for 6 days, woo hoo!

Wish us have a safe and fun trip!! :@)

Monday, August 4, 2008

The 110,000 miles

King's first car was a Honda Civic hatched back, year 1993 model. It went across the nation 110,000 miles King for 10 years -- yes, it serves King loyally and faithful for 10 years without any break-down problem! :)
I remember that I told King that we don't need a luxury or prestigious car in Malaysia for some reasons. Expensive price tag with high depreciating rate is the main issue, but the safeness in our criminal society plays another important reason too.
Not all of the owners of luxury vehicles are nasty and mean drivers, but most of them have forgotten their original and pure characteristics by being a nice and sweet and caring person. Well, I know money can always change a person.
I wish I can still be a polite driver with a balancing life along the years. I don't want to be a nasty and reckless driver, although I can be a fierce lady on my driving seat sometimes. If we are able to own a prestigious Beemer or Benz one day, I wish we are still able to enjoy our balancing happy family life with a pure heart like Warren Buffet and Li Ka-Shing. Well, we shall see.... :p

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our beautiful morning

I'm a western food lover. And, I feel great to make breakie for King all the time. It just makes me feel so great to see him enjoy the breakie that I prepare for him in the morning.

We will have bread with butter and kaya, boiled egg and hot milo or coffee, sometimes. If I have extra time, I would make my tasty western breakfast too. I guess all women enjoy making food for loved one.
Recipe: French Toast, Bacon, Pepper Oaster Mushroom, Sunny Side-up Egg.