Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wish - Cash

I have a wish today out of the sudden. It may sound a bit realistic but I can do a lot of things by having it. Well, I wish that my husband can print a lot of money. Yes, Money Printing Business!! Hahaha!!!

Why do I need a lot of money? Hmm... I guess I can contribute my effort more in some of the areas with money in hand. Some of you may not agree with me. Here are my reasons. =)

1. I can help out  more in orphan centre. 
Yes, King and I used to contribute something to a Orphan Centre nearby our house before. We haven't been visiting them for quite some time, our bad! 

2. To do some investment.
We have been reading many financial news recently due to the economy crisis. Stock, Bond, Commodity, Housing Property, whatever you name it. Everyone is short in hand and cutting their cost and expenses. Investors encourage their clients to pump in their hard earn money into any type of investment just because of the low number. Is it a good timing? No one can answer or predict that. But with tons of cash in hand, you may consider that. Why not? Rich people gets richer....

3. Upgrading.
With cash in hand in this economy downturn, we may upgrade our car or housing renovation with a good rate. You see, that's why rich people get richer! Damn....

4. Quality of life.
Once you stick to a good quality of life, you do not want to sneak out from it. A friend of mine enjoys her life in an envious way. She can travels wherever she wants to go, she drinks whatever drink she loves, she does whatever hobby she likes the most, she can buy whatever she wants to buy, whatever it is, she has CASH in hand!!! What can you say? How many people can do whatever you like without thinking of your bank account? Hahaha..... 

5. Shopping!
Which woman will say no for shopping? Hahahaha!!!! I can buy a lot of nice dresses, shoes and dress up myself. But.... Do I need so many clothes and shoes? It's a no. =)

6. Last but not least, Travel Around the World!
Oh man! I love traveling! This is the biggest wish in my life! I must fulfill this dream in my life! =)  Gambateh!

When it comes to money money money, everybody loves it! But we always forget about our health. Sighs.... I must have a healthy and fit body to fulfill my dream list. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A thank-you-card

I mailed out a few Thank-You card to friends in Australia a week ago. Thank God they received the cards today! I'm glad that they were with us during our trip and we had good memories together! Foremost they are most welcome to our lovely house when they are in town in the future. 

Thank you sincerely from the bottom of our heart!


King and I get back to the days of sipping wine after our trip to Australia. We used to have a glass of wine after our dinner back to our life in California. But we quit this habit after coming back to Malaysia for good. Why? Because the price of wine here in Asia is not cheap! 

We brought 8 bottles of wine back from Australia. Friends in Melbourne introduced us some good wine. One of our neighbors who was born in South Africa gave us some ideas regarding Shiraz in a right timing. And so, we decided to have some wine once in a while back to life. It's just something we like. 

Wine wine wine.... Hmm.... I miss the wineries the most! I love the gold leave in Autumn! I love the smell of grapes! I just can't not to fall in love with it! 


A friend of mine in the States had bad luck since last year. His life is disturbed by whatever bad luck it is. Job loss, 2 kids are ready for schools, unemployement problem, I can't name them all. And, I just found out that he had a car accident recently. Oh no.... :(

Somehow, I find that I'm ironic! Life in western countries are much better in quality compare with life in Malaysia. There are many people, including myself, would like to migrate to western countries for whatever reason. Yet, without health insurance, living in a western country sucks! The bill will drive you crazy and your life will be messed up. 

King told me once before, money is what we need no matter where we live in. We are not realistic persons. But King has his points to proof him right. People will respect you when you have money when you are in hospital, in a business discussion, in school, even in front of your family and relatives. How dirty it is!

Money money money.... Yes, who will say no to Mr. M. But, do not forget to get a cup of coffee when you are tired of making money. =)


I still cannot believe that I had a reunion with my primary schoolmates in Singapore last weekend! After two decades, yes, 20 years!

Hmm..... I purposely flew to Singapore for the reunion. The gathering was a small one but a great one! The show up rate was 50%. Somehow, we had the click to hug each other and had a toast before having a drink at the second section. We had a blast that night! 

Old time friends are great. 
They know you are growing up at the same time together. 
They know you didn't mean for anything when you say something funny out. 
They care about you a lot. 
They smile and laugh with you together with silly things. 
They forgive what you have done to them during childhood time.
They are brilliant!!!!

I'm looking forward for the next gathering! Cheers, buddies!

Friday, April 10, 2009

The junk food that we usually have once a while

Nobody can say NO to delicious food, including me and King. We love to eat, especially me. I'm a foodie but not over limit. I watch my diet no matter how. There were a couple times I told King that, we always have junk food (nasi lemak, banana leaf rice, fast food, char kui diao, curry noodle, etc.) even though it's only once a while. He agrees with me! So I want to watch out and keep track how much junk food we have every week. However, King suggests we should eat more vegetable which are rich in fiber and fruits which are rich in antioxidant for detoxification. I think he's right. Instead of staying away from junk food, we must take more vegetable and fruits as well! 

Let's become a smart foodie with wisdom!


I'm overwhelmed that my butt and thigh are toned up after my trip! The reason behind it is I walked everyday for long distance. Well, you name it, hiking, shopping, sightseeing, etc. I walked A LOT! 

King suggests me to walk Coby more often if possible. I can tone up my muscle and stay in shape; Coby can take more walk exercise as well. Why not?! So now, I decided to walk Coby twice a day which I did even before our vacation. And, I want to walk in a longer journey. 

Stay healthy and keep walking!

Breakfast add in....

King and I made a deal! We have fruits added in into our breakfast every morning now. It's not too late to realize how important fruits to us everyday! Well, the reason of ringing my bell is fruits is rich in antioxidant and fiber. 

I was so worried about having constipation when I was in the trip for 13 days. Hence, I had a lot of fruits in the hotel every morning. And, it helped!!!! And now, I slowly add in banana into our breakfast every morning now. King loves it! Trust me, one kind of fruit in the morning is really a good idea! You can't strongly against me, haha! I'll add in few strawberries later on. 

Come on! Our meal has to be adjusted slowly. Keep it up! =)

We are back!

Hey, we are back! Yes, we are back from our vacation and glad that we did have a great one with bunch of good buddies! I love this group picture the most! It brings up all the good memories with lots of fun and joy during our stays in Australia. Foremost the highlight of the trip was spending time with our friends! Wish Anne, Lindsay, Josephine, Robert, Svetlana & Neil well and happy everyday! 

We will be back one day, wah hahaha!!