Friday, October 29, 2010

First outing by myself

It was a beautiful day. I told Declan that mommy is going to bring him out to meet mommy's cousins and his cousin from Jakarta! He sortsof understood and gave me a smiley face. I packed things up and gave King a good-bye kiss before heading out. That was my first time to bring Declan out alone. It was fantastic!

Declan was well-behaved back in the car seat and enjoyed his own view while had himself soothed by sucking his little cute thumbs. I turned on my favorite Christmas CD and told Declan where we were and where we've passed by from moment to moment. It was a happy ride to both of us! 

During the gathering and chit-chat time with my dearie cousins, Declan was well-behaved and couldn't stop flirting around with his aunties and cousin. The new place and new people made him not willing to take his afternoon nap. His routine was off for an hour. However, I was relief that he was able to nap before his feeding at 5 pm, thank god! After his napping and feeding, we took a few pictures and headed home. 

After that, I reached home safely with this little friend. The father welcomed us, together with Coby. Ahh.... It's so good to be home and see dad again, I told Declan. 

I wish to bring Declan out by myself more often. I love to drive this little friend around and have some private talk. Ah ha! Many ideas pop up in my mind..... =)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good website for present giver

If you have no idea about what to give for a newly mom for baby shower or baby full month, I've a good website for ya! Check out! I find that the Diaper Cake idea is pretty neat and unique! Don't wait and go click on the link now and you will know why! Happy browsing! =)

Good blog for the mothers

I would like to recommend a blog to all the mothers. If you prepare home meal or lunch box for your kids daily, you may find how informative this blog can be. Hit on ! The blog owner has all kinda ideas for kids meal. Happy reading, folks! =)

Story time between a father and a baby

I like to see the moments of King & Declan, actually. They always make me laugh no matter who lead the story telling session. One will come up with funny description, one will babbling non-stop. Ahh... These 2 persons meant so much to me!! I just can't live without them -- the father and the son! =)

Book reading for my baby

King and I are book lovers (I know I've mentioned this many times in my blog, ha!). We've bought quite a number of books for our little one as well. We want to bring books to Declan's life which is good for him. Not being a bookworm but falling in love with books. Hence, wherever we go or travel, bookstore will be in our itinerary.

Declan has a Black-&-White, Sometimes-Red cloth book. With the high contrast color images, Declan loves the book very very much! Every time when he is bored, we'd flip the imaged book page by page for him by our own description. He would just sort of reply us with babbling sound and kicking his both legs, and with a lot of smile and laugh. King and I were happy to see that as it is a sign of loving book from this little friend. So, how do we describe the picture to our young fellow? Here is my sharing tips as follow:-

When I describe an apple to Declan....
Oh what is this that we are seeing together now? Ohhhh... Apple!!! This is your favorite apple, Declan! Look at this apple, it's red color, a beautiful color! This apple wants to say hello to Declan! Hello, Declan, I'm apple, how do you do? What do you do today, Declan? I'm very happy to see you again, Declan! Apple is good for you and everyone! An apple a day, keep the doctor away! So, when you are a kid, you should eat more apple and other fruits, alright?

This is another example with a ladybug.....
Ahhh.... What is this, Declan? It's ladybug!! Oh isn't this ladybug beautiful? Look at the colors! This ladybug is in red color with a lot of black dots! Ladybug has 6 legs. We have 2 legs but ladybug is different from us. Ladybug is a happy insect. We must learn from ladybug that be a happy baby, alright? L for ladybug! Yay!

Moreover, I sing my song after each description. I've my own personalized song for Declan every time. King always laugh at me because the way I "read" Declan sounds like a children program Sesame Street! Hahahaha...!! By moving the cloth books while singing my personalized song, it is indeed funny!

This is my personalized song that dedicate to my son:-
         Daddy love KJ.....
            Mommy love KJ.....
                 Coby love KJ.......
                     Everybody loves KJ......

I composed and wrote this song for Declan from the first day we met! And, I repeat this song every day. This song meant a lot to me and this family!

Sometimes, we do read books for Declan. He seems like a book lover from the way he responds to us during our reading session, so far. We are happy and blessed!

Declan, oh, Declan! Books are our good friends. If we love books, we'd be loved, too! =)

                                          "I Love You, Mummy" story reading.

                                          Declan's favorite cloth book.


I've myself checked up a month ago again. Why? I was unwell. And, the doctor announced that my thyroid has stopped functioning after diagnosing past-partom Hashimoto Thyroiditis. What the hell?! I was so shocked and I couldn't take it for a few seconds! The stupid specialist said that I've to be on medication for life time. Life time, what the heck?! Anyway, I'm going to seek for second opinion early November. I've been on medication since a month ago and hopefully things are under controlled. People, pray for me......

Back to my blogging world

It has been a while not updating my blog again. Life with a little one really is something new to me, even though Declan is 4 months old baby now. Time pass by without my noticing; clock ticks without my noticing.

King and I can't stop a second not to look at little Declan at times. We are scared of losing track of his growing. Having a baby at home is just too wonderful to both of us. We, sometimes, hug each other while looking at our baby. Declan is the force that driving us together. He's such a cutie-pie that we can't disagree.

Blogging is one of my hobbies. It's a good way for me to review myself and my life. I'm just busy plus lazy a little bit to do it in a weekly basis. My bad. How can I being lazy after having little Declan? I should be a good role model to my son. Hmm.... Mama Eunice..... Hehe!

Alright, let's start blogging again! Yee-ha! =)