Sunday, June 28, 2009

Safe and sound

It has been a while for not updating my blog due to our car accident happened just recently. Thank godness we were safe and sound. And, thanks for hubby to settle all the problems caused by the accident with me the whole week! We are very blessed that the people who hit our car is willing to take the responsibility and all the cost of damage. I guess we are going to have a small celebration with Coby after our car is done with repairing few weeks later. There's nothing more important than having a life back to normal. Hang in there, people!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kids' right

I'm blessed that I'm surrounded by many mothers who share their methods of raising their kids. Of course, I got a lot of tips from them as well by how they educate their kids which we never had during our childhood.

Children are very competitive nowadays. They are living in a competitive environment with peer pressure. Piano class, drawing class, ballet, violin class, Mandarin class, KUMON, whatever you name it. I can't breath when I jot all these down.

I asked King that what's the purpose to have kids nowadays?! And guess what, I LOVE King's answer!! So, our final answer is, we'll tell our future kid(s) to hire the top three students in the class and work for him/her! Hahaha...!!! Good idea! Being a boss of a self-own company, hire the top three students and run the company for you, and you enjoy the fruitful profit, hehehe...

Anyway, kids need their own right and kids have their own right! We must respect our kids and their childhood. =)

Monday, June 15, 2009

A fun gathering

David & Swee Chin hosted a small bbq session for us last weekend. The triplets family, Kurjit & Kirin, were at the small party as well. We all chatted about our life in the past and present. We even joked around with nonsence that the whole house was full of joy and laughters. I suddenly miss my life in the States again....

What was my life back in the States like? Hmm... Full of outdoor activities, full of dirty jokes and big smiles, bunch of good friends, and foremost was full of DREAMS!

It depends on us how we fill our life with, I think. When we start meeting nice people surrounding us, we should start cherish the moments as much as we can. That was a fun party! Life is like a party! What's your toast for your life? =)

A gift from the King

King was away for a week business trip. Thank godness I didn't tag along as his daily schedule was fully packed with meeting and training. So I was home alone with my Labbie the whole week.

Surprisingly, King bought me a gift when he reached home! It is a PERFUME!!! Well well well, he usually will buy me some snacks or any other stuff from his business trips. But this is the first time that he bought me perfume, hehehe! So, I was overwhelmed!

Thank you, darling! I love the gift you bought me and you are so thoughtful! I love you!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


一天,认识了一对 couple。

"哦,那要加油哦! 要为我们华人争光哦!"
"那当然,哈哈! 我们是好的基因哩! 不能浪费!"


当初我是真的有所顾虑,而老公一直安慰我说,别担心,我们一定会有我们的小孩的,而且是很可爱的! 现在,我反而会觉得,其实,年龄不是最重要的关键。而我们能教导我们的小孩些什么,才是精髓的! 经历了很多不同的事情,看过了不同的世界,我想我们能带给我们的小孩更多成熟的教育。我希望我们的小孩是个 tough survivor ! 不管遇到任何事情,都会利用 EQ 去处理事情。拥有了 EQ 和 IQ,在社会才能立足和活得快乐! 拥有 IQ 但缺乏 EQ,活着也不会得到永久的快乐。

I believe baby is Angel from Heaven. Angel will come to my world when my timing is right! =)


昨晚我过了一个快乐的晚上。哲虹和 Justin 终于来到了我们家,和 Coby 也打成一片。看着这对快乐的新人,我感受到了他们新婚的幸福。

以前很多人都会说,婚姻是爱情的坟墓。我一直都不是很赞同,因为我不喜欢这坟墓这么悲惨这个词汇。婚姻,它是代表着包容所在! 而包容,是伟大的,是值得赞美的! 坟墓,太灰暗了!

我最近在看 "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"。虽然这本书已经在市场有十年之久了,但我想现在应该是我最好的 timing 来看这本书。我相信任何事情的发生,都是跟 timing 有很大的关系。

要经营一段婚姻,真的很不容易。谢谢哲虹和 Justin 这几天带给我的快乐和笑容! 现实的生活在很多的外在因素催化之下,都会变得很不可思议。祝福你们两个!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy 0606 Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Darling! Number 6 is your lucky number, 6th of June! But sorry you can't have 6 wives, ok, hahaha!!!! :D

"You bring the best out of me!"

King and I talked a lot. He said I inspired him sometimes. Wow... That's a good one, haha! I could come out with a lot of funny questions. For example, how did loanshark come up with such a big amount of money before loaning their "customers"? I hope I did not inspire him to be a shark loan, though, hahahaha.....

I do hope I did inspire King to work hard for our future, which he actually did. I hope I could bring the best out of you, Darling! =)

Husband-and-wife team

King and I thought about taking up some courses lately, especially music classes. Well, we used to play piano during our childhood. So it might not be too hard for us to take up some new instruments if we want to. That's what we think.

"Hmm... Maybe I should learn drumming!" King raised his eye brows and told me.
"Oh why not? I think you got the rythm right most of the time!" I sounded excited.
"Or.... Saxophone..? You play piano, I play saxophone! We can team up and play jazz right!" King continued with exciting tone.
"Haha... Then we need one more person to play Bass to make our team more fascinating!" I laughed.

Well, we haven't decide which instrument we will go for. It's just a thought. But I guess we'll go for it one day soon! Yay!

The Climb by Miley Cyrus

I, recently, am preparing a business proposal. I told King about my idea and my research. I even told him what our future will be if I keep trying and keep trying. Out of my surprise, King told me that, "Coby and Daddy will support Mommy, alright?!". That was the most touching part. =*) Of course, I hold my happy tear.

Thank you, my Love! =)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I will and I do!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wealth Management Tactics

I found this Wealth Management Tactics from the Internet last week. It may seems unclear to everyone but you may download it with clear graphic.

How to pursue Wealth by having all these? The graph interprete all the things behind getting rich.

The strategies to attract Wealth into our life.

All the no-no to get rid of if we wanna get financial freedom.

Peaks & Valleys

I read a book lately. It talks about Peaks vs Valleys and how we manage our peaks and valleys in our lifetime. I thought of my ways thoroughly.

Peaks and valleys do exist in our life. Whenever a peak comes, a valley is waiting for us; and, whenever a valley comes, a new peak is waiting for us. But how we manage to stay longer in a peak and shorter in a valley? I would say it's based on our EQ. Our EQ will bring us to a better or worse direction. 

We can't avoid having a valley in our life. Because life is full of up (the peak) and down (the valley). A plateau has no excitement and sadness. Without having excitement and sadness, our life is meaningless. Without having a sense of happiness and sadness, what does life mean for, then? Think of it, what does our heartbeat graphic look like? There must be in a form of up and down and up and down continuously. Life will be dead if it is seem to be a straight line without up and down.

It's totally a different view from a valley compare with from a peak. I remember that I took a helicopter tour with my mom when we paid Grand Canyon a visit 2 years ago. I feel thankful to my mom because her insistence of taking the heli. And so, I got the chance to see the stunning view from a valley looking up to the breath-taking Grand Canyon! It's absolutely amazing with a dropping-jaw feeling! It gave me a sense of two thoughts from two different views when it comes to a certain level. And, I believe we must pursue our own happiness no matter we are in the Peak or the Valley. I must enjoy my moments whenever I'm in a peak or a valley. Cheers!