Friday, July 31, 2009

I fall in love with you....

You appeared out of the sudden.
You passed by me.
I notice you.
"Look at her!" I told King.
"Wow! She looks stunning!" King replied.
I want you, so badly!
Audi Q7, you are such a catchy bitch!

2016 年之约

"要怎么庆祝我们的结婚10周年纪念呢?" 我问老公。
"哦。。。" 老公死命想。
"嗯。。。" 我继续出我的搜主意。
"要怎样庆祝哩?" 老公还是想不到。
"不如。。。我们去我们 honeymoon 的地方重游,如何?" 我跟老公眨了眨眼。
"啊,这主意不错! 好的耶! " 老公开心的说。
"好,就这样说定了! 要好好庆祝一下我们的 10 年呢!" 我兴奋的说。

2016 年之约,我们的约会。

Mumbai India


我一向来就不怎么喜欢印度人,而且我蛮会取笑印度人的 (我承认我是很不乖啦)。老公就比较善解人意,他以前有一班蛮要好的印度同事,还曾和他们一起打地铺过 (要命啊!)。所以,老公对印度人的 culture 都比我了解很多倍。但是,他还是会取笑他的印度朋友,甚至他的印度音英文是很厉害的,呵呵!

几个月前我跟老公说过,如果他有去印度公干的话,我打算 tag along 去看看。很多人都说印度很脏啦,很旧啦,很老牙啦,很"够力"啦,会拉肚子啦,什么样的贬义词都有。不过,我还是很想去印度一趟。

而这一次我真的去了,回来的心情也特别不同,就是和以往的旅行很不一样。孟买之旅,让我们认知了许多事情,原来,我们真的是很幸福的一群! 我也终于了解到,为什么印度人就是特爱穿拖鞋,为什么他们去了美国,不管怎样就是要移民到美国去。终于,我都了解了许多。印度,一个很有趣的国家。

我把所有的照片都放在 Facebook,反应热烈。大家都很期待 slum 的照片。而我的心情其实是低落的。老公告诉我说,如果去一趟非洲,那我一定泪流满面。呵呵! 所以,印度人还不是最穷最脏的。但我想,我的孟买之旅的确让我感触良深。一句话,"If it hasn't been seen, it doesn't mean it isn't there."。


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cheers to our good neighbors whom have became our good friends!

We had another gathering, again! Yes, again! Hahaha!

Well, three families of us had a wonderful Indian cuisine at Kuljit family's house last weekend. Surprisingly, we had four bottles of red wine! Oh my God!!!!

"Cheers to our friendship and good neighbors!" Kuljit gave the toast.
"And, kena 4D!" I added in and everybody laughed.

It's really a blessing to have such wonderful and cheerful neighbors staying around in our neighborhood. Kuljit and David's families are well-to-do, yet they are humble and low profile. Foremost, they have the same thinking with me and King -- good neighbor is far more important than your relatives when you need help; good neighbors can become good friends!

Something sweet among all of us is, our children are going to grow together with sweet memories. We don't need a rich neighbor but a caring neighbor, we all agree with that.

Cheers to Kuljit and David's familes! =) We are looking forward to our next gathering and outing again!

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire has been lying on our DVD rack for long. King and I decided to give it a try right before our Mumbai trip. Sit back, and relax....

It is a great movie, indeed! With full of variety emotion, we value ourselves and our life more. We talked about the slum and we even google the truth related to slum. Out of the sudden, CRY -- Care and Relief for the Young -- pop up in King's mind. All his memory with his Indian ex-colleagues back in San Jose are slowly coming back piece by piece. He said that there was one of his Indian ex-colleagues who was actively involved into CRY because of the hunger and homeless in the slum.

We are planning to visit Dhavari Slum in Mumbai this time, if time and weather allow. I don't know how am I going to reactive when I see the slum in real. For sure, the feeling is gonna be mixed and depressed.

Life is good. But it's not to some people. I hope all of us can contribute, a little part at least, whatever we can do the best to this world. Just like what MJ had done in his life to the African children.

We are the world -- dedicate to MJ, and the children in third world countries.

Mumbai, here I come!

I've never thought of going to India in my life before. But I guess I should changed my mind and give it a try this time. Why not? Well, I'm flying off to Mumbai today and I guess it'll be an adventurous journey to me!

I've packed up with mineral water and medicines in my luggage. No kidding! Hopefully, we will be back in one piece!

India, here I come!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who are the two persons you like to meet the most in your life?

It is a beautiful afternoon. We had lunch with Sui Chin in Bangsar today. And, we had a good chat while enjoying our banana leaf meal.

"Who are the two persons you like to meet the most in your life?" Sui Chin asked.
"Hmm.... That's a good question..." I said and gave it a thought while munching.
"Umm... I haven't have this thought ever in my life. This is a good one!" King said.
"I think this is a must-think question in our life. It'll be listed down in my to-do-list in my life." I continue.
"David and I would like to meet Lee K.Y. in our life if it's possible!!" Sui Chin told us excitedly.
Then, we continued the conversation with who and why.

Well, I would say, Barrack Obama deserves a place in my list. He is one of the history makers and I admire his courage. No try, no gain. His example told us the result and how he made the history changes! I won't say he's the best man in the world but he is that good, no doubt!

So, who's the other person that deserves my respect in my life? Three of us talked about Melinda Gates. She'll be sitting in my list for sure. She deserves the respectation from all of the world based on her contributions to the well-fare and medical research. It's good to be rich and damn wealthy. But it's even better to contribute something to the world if you have such wealth and power!

What's yours? Who do you want to meet in your life? Think and list two names. =)