Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our new family member

KJ has got a new name -- Declan Lau 劉恩桐. This is a name that given by his proud Daddy. We love the name very much! =)

My 35 weeks -- KJ arrives!

34 weeks 6 days, King brought me for Gynae check up as usual. The moment we stepped into Dr Yap's room, she told us right away, Wan Teen, you have to deliver your baby today or tonight! We were shocked! My blood pressure was high -- around 160/110 and the protein level found from my urine was high too -- more than 2. My eyes were puffy and my face was swollen -- I thought I was having water retention. All these indicated that I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia (pregnancy induced hypertension) and the only solution is to deliver the baby. Dr Yap ultrasound KJ again and KJ was doing fine (fitness, heart beat) but he was underweight with 1.6 kg merely at his gestational week. And because of all the reasons put together, Dr Yap demand King to send me to UMMC right away without thinking twice. Dr Yap wrote a reference letter to a Gynae and she rang the Gynae for KIV arrangement. Everything seems unusual to me. I was wheeled by a nurse and King sent me to UMMC right after that. Dr Yap was praying for us, I know that. She told me before seeing me off, "I want you to deliver your baby in UMMC. They have many good doctors and you'll save a lot of money, trust me.".

The minute I was arrived in UMMC, King wheeled me to the labor ward. The medical team did all the arrangement for us. From that minute on, I was monitored closely by the medical team for blood pressure reading and pre-eclampsia symptoms. They sent me to general ward for a few hours monitoring. King went back home and brought me my hospital bag.

Around 7 pm, I started to have nausea -- one of the pre-eclampsia symptoms. I rang the nurse and the team transfer me to labor ward. I sms King quickly that I might deliver KJ that night. He's going to be a father very very soon!

At midnight, I started to have gastric pain -- another pre-eclampsia symptom. I was nervous and the medical team decided to deliver KJ right away for safety purpose. Otherwise, KJ and I will be in danger. The hospital rang King right away and the medical team prepared all the equipments for me. I told myself that, KJ, you are going to be alright, mommy will meet you soon, let's work things out together!

I finally saw King again when I was bed-wheeled to the operation theatre. King gave me a smile and I know I'm gonna be alright. The operation theatre was damn cold. I was excited but nervous. I just couldn't wait to meet my little KJ. The operation didn't take too long. I was told by the team that KJ is smaller than other babies. I heard KJ's crying noise and I was happy. But I didn't see KJ right away. I didn't think too much. I just want KJ to be safe and healthy.

I was bed-wheeled to another room for blood pressure monitoring right after my delivery. I was there for about 15 to 20 minutes. I was conscious and I wish to see King. After that, I was transfer back to labor ward for monitoring again. King came to my bed after seeing KJ. He showed me KJ's pictures and videos, and we are very happy that KJ is fit and healthy. KJ can breath by himself without using oxygen supply.

Next day, I saw another medical team standing next to my bed after I came back from toilet. One of the doctors asked me, how do I feel now. I told them that I felt dizziness and tiredness. The specialist who is named PC Tan told me that I developed HELLP Syndromes during my delivery. I didn't know what the heck HELLP Syndromes is. They told me that my liver enzyme is shoot up tremendously, my platelets count drops seriously to classification 3 (the most critical) and my red blood cell counts drop. This can be very serious!!! I asked the team, am I going to be alright? Dr Tan explained to me what they are going to do the next. I'll have 2 packs of blood transfusion and steroid injections. Blood test is a must everyday for making sure everything gets back to normal. I was shocked, still. Why am I having such a complicated and tough delivery?! Before the team left, I requested a doctor to explain everything to King.

King was informed and he came to me. I was comforted. King did wiki HELLP Syndromes at home that night and he was worried. Fortunately, I was transfer to general ward after the blood transfusion was done on the same day. Since then, I stayed in the general ward for another 6 nights. It seemed like a year long to me!

Mom got to know about the delivery and she rushed to KL for visiting. Thank God mom was here for help! And, thank god again, my confinement lady rushed to KL for help and start working! Help is coming, I told myself. Since then, King was my meal delivery guy. Mom went back to hometown when my confinement lady was here. I'm glad that part of the things were settled down, although I needed to be hospitalized.

KJ stayed in the hospital with me. So I wasn't alone. I started to breastfeed him. But my blood pressure didn't drop to normal reading. I hate to be on medication but I've no choice. After a week, the medical team discharged me and I have to go back for check up after 2 weeks time. I was happy about the go-home news! However, KJ needed to be stay in the hospital for weight gaining purpose -- he weighed 1.62 kg merely. My breast milk was not enough for KJ. And that's why KJ didn't gain weight accordingly. For safety and healthy reason, we decided to put KJ in the hospital for a few days. Hopefully the team will be good, they better be! I couldn't stop crying while leaving KJ in the incubator...... I felt guilty and sorry for leaving him!!! Thank God I've King and a few supporting friends. I was comforted that I need to build up my health before welcoming KJ home. And I promised King and KJ that I'll do that.

Home sweet home! I rested and slept well at home. I was the breast milk suppler and King was the milk delivery guy. I visited KJ every day happily. Oh my, little KJ was famous in the Pediatric ward because of his active kicking and punching, and his tiny body. Many people came to King and me when we were there.

My blood pressure has dropped to normal reading after a few days fully resting. And another good news was KJ can come home!!! This is the day that we have hoping for so long! When KJ came home, his 4 grandparents were at our house for welcoming. =)

Four of us were together, finally! King, me, Coby and KJ!!!!! This is one family! I had a tough delivery and I have a lot of thought after all these. Thank God that KJ and I survived and we are recovering well! Thank King for supporting and everything! Thank Coby for cooperation! Thank my family for praying! Thank all my friends for praying, blessing, phone calling and everything! It's blessing in disguised! I wanna thank another important person -- Dr Yap! She's the one who safe us and she saves King's wallet! The medical bill turns out cheap and affordable! We are blessed that we went to a good and ethical doctor!

Life is a celebration. Living healthily has became a wish to me and King. We never thought of any serious illness which will strike any of us suddenly but it had happened. We are blessed that we've overcame the worst situation together. And now, we've one new family member -- KJ! No matter what had happened, we welcome KJ and we are happy that we've extent our family to a greater height.

Thank you all! We wish all of you happy and healthy! =)

To my dearest friend -- Luke Yeow

3/6 下午,我因為高血壓而進院觀察;確沒想到同時的你跌下山而受傷,等待救援。
4/6 ,我吵著要出院,醫生說我可以出院在家休息;確沒想到同時的你在手術室里。
5/6 傍晚,我接到欣卉的短訊,說你剛去世。我從午睡中跳醒,讀了 SMS 幾遍,馬上打電話給阿卉問個清楚,再上网讀你的消息。你,真的離開了嗎?我不敢去想太多,因為我要保持我血壓的指數。King 帶我和朋友外出用餐,他們和我聊別的話題。我的心情是平復的。回家的路程中,鳳嬌和佳臻都打電話來,不知要如何把消息告訴我,因為大家都知道我現在有身孕。如何開口啊,你說?後來,我的心情還是平靜的。但是就是不能接受你突然離開的事實。那一晚,沒有人可以入眠。
6/6 一早,我給 King 唱了生日歌。然後,King 開始和我一起回憶和你的點滴,特別是你10年前去加州找我們的日子。King 很記得,很記得,我們帶你去 Infinite Loop 買你的蘋果衣服,等等。他說,你的忌日,怎麼和他的生日那麼近。他很難過。後來,我打了電話給寶玉。她在電話里頭哭得不能自己,我強忍著淚水,叫她要冷靜。你啊,真叫我難做人啊!下午,我讀了你在 Facebook profile 里很多朋友為你留的言。我突然間痛哭了 5 分鐘。King 把我抱得緊緊的。他說,那是場意外。

--兩個月前,你不是才帶我去吃好吃的日本餐嗎?付錢的時候,我說,做麼吃降貴的啊?NT$1000!!!你說,你朋友我在 IBM 上班,別擔心啦!反正我也沒吃過,你就陪我吃咯!


因為你的離去,大家都很努力得上 Facebook 想要知道你得消息和後事安排。我知道你很怕別人談你的是非。然而,這一次,你讓我們太緊張了。你的後事和葬禮,我無法出席。但是我知道你一定能了解我的原因。我會告訴寶寶,媽咪有一位很要好的朋友,雖然他已在另一個世界繼續追尋他的夢想,我們不能見面,但是他是一個守護著我們的帥天使。

我不知道要如何把這篇文章做個 ending,因為這一次的拜拜,實在是太沈重了。保重,dear!

Third Trimester

After coming back from Koh Samui, Thailand, I entered my third trimester. Fatigue strike me again and I was so lazy to do anything. I basically slept and rest a lot.

When I was in 33 weeks, I was refered to UMMC by my Gynae suddenly. Dr Yap told us about pre-eclampsia and the symptoms that I need to pay attention with. My blood pressure was shoot up noticeably and I was admitted into UMMC for a night of blood pressure monitoring. I was shocked and I hate to be admitted into the hospital out of the sudden. Oh well, we've no choice. So I was sort of being forced to stay in the hospital for a night. I told the nurses and doctors that I WANTED TO GO HOME because I couldn't rest at all in the hospital! One of the doctors calmed me down by explaining how serious a pre-eclampsia could be. So I tried to cooperate with them as much as I could and I was able to discharge the next day. It was so good to be home!!!!

Since then, I monitored my blood pressure closely at home. I do not want to be admitted into hospital again unless KJ is ready to meet us. Hence, I rest and sleep as much as I could since then. I was told by Dr Yap that I might need to deliver KJ in UMMC (a government subsidized university hospital) if I had the complication and if KJ is underweight. Dr Yap's purpose is to save our medical bill. King and I sort of understand and we follow what Dr Yap has told us.

It's no fun to have "surprise", some times. But nothing is perfect. We want a safe and healthy baby delivery, that's our aim.

Koh Samui

King is taking a long break since April. We had so many plans to do since then as we didn't wanna miss our plans out before King Junior arrives. One of the plans was having a honeymoon!

Welp, we chose Koh Samui in east Thailand at last. It was a 5 days trip. We had a lot of great time together in the hotel and at the beach for 5 days. I wanted to take my pregnancy pictures so badly. And so, I took some ideas from the Internet before heading to Samui Island. Both of us are not professional in photo shooting. But King did a good job and I love all my pictures very much! Being pregnant is once or twice in a life time. If I missed out the opportunity of taking pregnancy pictures, I don't know when is my next chance, haha!

We spent all our time in the hotel everyday. Of course, we did sunbath at the hotel private beach, too. Many people noticed my baby bump and I was well-taken care of wherever I went. This is the privilege of being a preggie, haha! Everybody said "Good luck" to both of us.

Walking at the beach hand-in-hand with King -- this is what I love the most in the trip! I told King, KJ will be the sandwich between us when he is here one day. But King said each of us will take turn and be sandwiched accordingly. He wants KJ to know that Daddy needs Mommy sometimes and Mommy needs Daddy sometimes too. =)

King brought me for star view every night after dinner. We miss starry night so so much!!! We had many great moments together in Samui Island. And, we had a lot of fun topics to talk to as well. Having a great partner is more than enough wherever a destination is.

I wanna thank King for a wonderful holiday! Now I can cross out an item from my Wish List. =)

I'm back!

I'm back! Yes, I'm back to my blog after 2 months! =)

Well, I kept on thinking of updating my blog at times but I had no time to do so. I'm going to write down what I have missed in the past few months. Every moment is important to me. So, stay tune!