Thursday, November 26, 2009


久违了,好一段时间没 UPDATE 我的 BLOG 了。最近身体不怎么听话。累的时候我只好小睡一下 30 分钟。

最近 COBY 特别听话呢。它对我总是特别斯文,好乖!

老公在工作方面特忙。我除了听他苦诉工作上的问题,也想尽办法弄些好吃的东西让他品尝,满足他的肠胃,呵呵! 虽然我不是什么大厨,但弄些好吃的羊排我还行。

年尾的几个月,都是结婚的好日子。我和老公也参加了两对很要好的朋友的婚宴,扮美美去参加婚礼。我,是可以很美一下的。哈哈哈 -- 自恋!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A husband and wife team.

We had a very good start in November. =)

King attend his first drum lesson with my companion; I attend my first violin lesson with King's companion. It might sound funny a bit like a kid goes to school on the first day with parent's companion, hahaha! Yet, we did enjoy each other's companion during our first 30 minutes of instrument lesson. We were curious with the drum and violin instruments at first. And, we were very happy and blessed to have two kind and nice drum/violin teachers.

King is very happy and excited that his drum teacher will teach him his favorite band and songs when King is ready. I see the other side of King as well when he plays drum. Haha!

I'm very excited but also nervous about my violin lesson as it's not as easy as I thought. Yet it's something new and fun to me.

We are glad that the headmaster of the music school is a kind and friendly mid-40 woman. Hopefully, we'll be able to perform in public one day with our joy and fun, we were told by our teachers and the headmaster. We will not go for any exam but we definitely will have fun on it down the road.

The husband and wife team, that's me and King! Hahaha!!! :D