Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When they sleep on each other's tummies

I see this scene every morning. They love to sleep on each other's tummy, haha! What a father-and-son scene!

Coby and us

Coby!! Many friends care about Coby after the arrival of Declan. They all asked about Coby and its reaction when he met Declan.

Coby has been behaving well in the past 2 months. He couldn't get to see me for 10 days when I was hospitalized. And when I got home, I couldn't pet and hug him as usual during my confinement. I'd say, Coby and I missed each other very much! King has been taking care of Coby all this while. And, Coby has understood that Daddy is the one who can spend more time with him since then. I'm glad that everything about Coby is well taken care of by King! Even my confinement lady does care about Coby, haha!

Well, we slowly introduce Declan to Coby lately. We feel so touched when Coby kisses Declan's hands and legs!!! It's such an amazing scene!!

Okay, now I can tell everyone that, my family members are King, Coby and Declan. We are one happy family! =)

My content baby

Declan is a music lover, I can tell. When we turn on the music every time, he seems enjoy the musics very much. And, this is the way to keep this little monster occupied when I have to do my own personal things and house chores.

Monday, August 23, 2010

My 34th Birthday

生日--母難日。以前聽過這個辭彙,但根本談不上甚麼感覺。自從生了 Declan 了之後,對“母難日”就有點恐懼感。生日,怎麼過?我今年好像也沒有甚麼興致去慶祝。只要一家人(和 Coby 狗狗)能夠在一起,我就已經很滿足了。我的生日,是我媽 34 年前的母難日。我好像也不好意思去大慶祝甚麼的。

Declan 讓我深深瞭解到母難日的真正意義。回想起我生 Declan 之前與之後所經過的日子,我就流汗!別人生孩子很容易,我這個安帝生孩子就那麼多經歷。嚇人哶?!昨天早上,我們一家人一起去見了我們尊敬的 Dr. Yap。聊了我之前所患的病 (pre-eclampsia 妊辰毒血症 & HELLP syndrome 血崩) 和之後要做的身體檢查等等之後,Dr. Yap 還是鼓勵我們再多個兩年,我可以再懷孕。我簡直就在流汗,舉起雙手,擺個大阿差,表示不可能!!!雖然患的機率還是很高(30%),但是一些人還是鼓勵我要往那 70% 的好機率方面想。我只能說,只有親身體念才能讓人深深瞭解到,生孩子的偉大與危險!而生多少個孩子對我來說,數目不重要。一家人能夠健康快樂得在一起成長才是最珍貴的。人生當中,每一樣東西只要和數目扯上關係的,人人都會拿來做比較。何苦?有多少個孩子,有多少輛車子,有多少個老婆,有多少錢?答案都是一個數字而已。寫一下不就可以了事,呵?!

和死神擦肩而過,我把 King 和 Declan 的手握得緊緊的。憶起當時 King 罵醫生和護士 man man 的樣子,想起我們把 Declan 留在醫院時的情景,我的心還是會抽一下。這兩隻屬老虎的都把我的心抓得緊緊的,我想我這輩子就是要服侍這兩位皇帝的啦,呵呵!

過去這一個月來所接到的越洋電話和問候不斷,鼓勵更是連連,我們的感激真的是不盡!抱歉的是我沒辦法及時向所有的親戚朋友們報平安。曲折的生產故事全都是原自於我的 Placenta 而產生的妊辰高血壓和嚇人的血崩。而我最感激的是醫學的進步!!!否則,我也不敢去想這個“否則”。

我 34 歲的生日,我第一個有寶寶的生日,真的是很不同!餵小恩桐喝奶的感覺就是我最棒的生日禮物!


I'm your sweet mommy!

Hello my lil' KJ! I'm your mommy, a sweet mommy! We met each other 5 weeks earlier but that's okay. I'm thrilled to hold you in my arms! You came to our world earlier and our life is full of laughter since your arrival!

I'm a funny mommy, too. I'm sorry to tell you that I always make you up! This is one of the many ways to show my love towards you, Declan. Daddy said I like to make fun on you and he pity you. But you know what, our life should be full of joy and creativity, even your daily hairstyle! Why should I comb you the same old stupid hairstyle every morning?!?!!!??!!! We should be more creative! =)

I like to spend every single minute with you. But when I wasn't by your bed side, I miss you very much! I miss your baby smell crazily! You mean so much to me, Declan!

At times, how I wish you can stop growing up and be a baby forever. How silly I am! No matter how, Declan, we will go through everything together step by step. Please be patient with us as we are newly parents at this moment. We learn a lot of new things about life since your arrival. I'm happy to say that, your appearance make our life happier and more meaningful! =)

Declan, my sweetheart! Mommy can't stop kissing you from head to toe every day and night. I just love you too much! You are indeed our bundle of joy! =)

Hi from Big Daddy!

Declan, this is your Dad, your proud Daddy! He feels proud every time when you were noticed by stranger outdoor because you look just too cute! And, I love this pinky romper with "If you think I'm cool, you should see my dad"! The shirt says it all, don't you agree, Declan? =)

Daddy loves holding you in his arm all the time. He looks for every single chance to bathe you, change diaper for you and bottle feed you! He just can't stop looking at you and start having a man-talk with ya! I guess you'll be quite occupied by everyone in this house! Or the other way round? Oh hahahaha....

You've a Big Daddy! He's mommy's Big Man! Mommy loves him very very much! And, I hope you love him too! Because Daddy loves you without stopping a single second. Enjoy your days and nights with Big Daddy! =)

Here comes your Wai Gong & Wei Poh

Hello Declan! Here come your Wai Gong and Wai Poh! They always call mommy and ask about you. They love holding you in their arms and talking to you. You gonna love sitting on their laps one day! =)

Here comes your Yeh Yeh & Poh Poh

Hi Declan! Here come your Yeh Yeh and Poh Poh! They can't wait to meet you, you know! They want to hold you in their arms so badly! They even see you from head to toe and check everything of you out! You are gonna love playing with them one day! =)

Our hands

Declan, you are in good hands;
Declan, we've got you in our safe arms;
Declan, daddy and mommy love you!


Everyone likes to plan. Nobody likes no plan ahead before we do and take action. Me neither. Without a plan, I hardly do things right and I know what I want to achieve.

Well, I had my birth plan, King and I have planned a lot of things together for our baby during our pre-birth period. However, we've many unexpected surprises along the pregnancy and child birth delivery. I thought I was able to pre-shadowed whatever I want accordingly along my pregnancy and birth delivery. But now, I learnt that things are not always go with our plans. Nothing is perfect. Now, I've learnt not to be so stubborn but flexible. The flexibility give me strength and happiness! Really!

I wanted to give birth naturally, I should say I WISH TO. And, we planned to deliver baby in a private hospital. I wished to hold my baby right after my delivery and breastfeed him. I even wished to start bonding with him right away!!! I wanted to breastfeed him without giving formula. There are many I-wanted-to or I-wished-to. But surprises pop up out of the sudden one by one. I don't care about those I-wanted-to or I-wished-to. I just want my baby to be safe and sound healthily. It's that simple! Now I even mix-feed Declan without much worries. Why cares much about those plans if I've a better solutions?!

Flexibility give me strength to keep on surviving with my family. And, I am happier now and then! =)

My confinement lady

This is my beloved Confinement Lady! She's such a wonderful nanny in the past 7 weeks! We are so blessed to have her during my confinement period and Declan was well taken care of! Surprisingly, she even rang me up a couple times to check things out and make sure we are doing alright with little Declan. We became good friends now. =)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thank you, Dr. Yap!!!

Dr. Yap, you are a wonderful Gynae to us!!

We paid Dr. Yap a visit after my confinement to show our greatest appreciation. I was very very happy to visit her with Declan and King since the delivery. She is a wonderful doctor who helped us to save a big amount of medical bill in the end. Knowing that I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, she suggested us to have ourselves registered in UMMC as early as we could for emergency purpose. We felt thankful to follow her instructions. And now, both mother and baby are safe and sound.

Declan, Dr. Yap save our lives! I'll bring you to visit her when you are able to say Thank-you one day! =)

Napping time

Both of us have moved into Declan's room at night. Declan sleep in his crib since day one. We want him to sleep in his own place. And so, we started the training early.

I am the one who take care of Declan in the middle of night. King sleeps next to me and he takes turn around 7 am. And, I continue for my short nap before the next morning feeding. When we see Declan in his own crib, we feel secured and have a peace of mind. We are glad that Declan is able to sleep on his own without using any other method (touch wood!).

Waking up in the middle of night is tiring. But I do enjoy the work. I don't know how to describe my joy while I see the King Senior and King Junior sleeping in the same room with me. I've two Kings in the room!!! Hehehe....

Having the persons you love sleeping next to you is such an amazing feeling! =)

Changing diaper

Diaper is good friend of all babies. And so does Declan! =)

Every time when I said "change diaper", Declan will raise his both legs. Awwww.... So so cute! Declan can read my mind. I love playing that with him! Declan is a boy with penis (of course!). The most challenging part of changing diaper for Declan is he pees in the half way of changing diaper! Hahahaha.... The little fountain is GOOD, I tell you! Well well well, I've found a way to prevent the fountain leaking, hahaha.... Practice made a good result! :p

Learning the color and shape of stool is part of it. Oh my, his little butt is so soft and cute! I feel like to bite this little lazy butt, ha!

Diaper, diaper, diaper, thanks for cleaning up all the dirty work for us! =)

Feeding time

Oh gosh, feeding!! Feeding, feeding, feeding Declan! It's so amazing to see Declan while he is sucking away!

My breast milk production is low. I tried many methods but the production doesn't increased tremendously. And so, we mix feed Declan. We find the best method to suit our life style and needs. Declan milk my breasts still although he does drink formula. I am busy every 3 hours! His mouth is tiny and I like to see his hungry face, ah hahaha! Naughty mommy I am!

King enjoys feeding Declan, too -- of course, only bottle feeding! He looks so fatherly while feeding Declan! One of the best picture I've ever seen on King! Ahhh.... The father and the son.... =)

Bathing time!

After regaining my health and energy, I must start taking up all the "courses" from my confinement lady. Being newly dad and mom, King and I were nervous while holding little tiny Declan in the bathe tub. Well, nothing is impossible, haha!

Declan is small. Every part of him is small and cute!!!! We hold him carefully in everything single steps. King hardly remember all the steps but he was so brave to take up the bathing course. I was surprise that he asked for it in the beginning. It is good for the father to learn all the basic stuff. So that, I've an assistant when I'm not available.

Well, undressing Declan, applying all kinda oil and cream, wrapping up, bathing, playing water, talking and guiding, cleaning up, dressing up, changing diaper, combing, whatever you name it.... We love every part of bonding with baby Declan. Declan didn't like the way we hold him and bathe him at first. Man, his crying made me scared and nervous. His tear drop is real!!!! Hahahaha.... But still, we enjoy every moment with Declan! Oh my, he such an adorable baby doll! =)

We took more than a week for the bathing class and now, we can do it without any help! And, Declan enjoys playing water in his little bath tub! It's such a good bonding time every morning and I always looking forward for this session with Declan, hehehe!

Happy bathing, my little Declan!

Temple visit after my 40 days of confinement

I did confinement for 40 days. I started to regain my energy to do basic stuff. And so, we decided to visit the 天后宮 temple and thank God for protecting me and baby Declan from the tough delivery. I feel thankful and blessing!!!!! Really!!

I made a wish in front of the God. God, please grand us a happy and healthy family! We love each other very very much and we cherish each other every single minute! We love whatever we are and we'll live our life to the fullest, God! And again, thank you for granting us such a beautiful baby! We love him very much and we promise to raise him up in an educated environment. Thank you, God!

Full month of Baby Declan

Baby Declan was born on 15th of June. We had some guests at home during the weekend before 15th of June. King and my parents were here on 15th of June for our own family celebration. I was so glad for their arrival and attendance.

I couldn't believe that lil' Declan was one month old! He was around 2.5 kg, even though he looked small. I was having my confinement, still, to regain my health. My confinement lady (Kam Jie) did a good job and we decided to extend her for another 3 weeks stay. Man, it was so good to have her for 7 weeks in total!!

Something that blow out my mind was, I didn't take shower for 2 weeks!!!!!! Eewwwwww!!!! How did I do that?! How???? Gosh, I couldn't stand for the unwashed hair but I followed the tradition no matter how. Well, regaining my health was my purpose. Without health, it is impossible for me to take care of lil' Declan and King in the future!

Lil' Declan, lil' Declan..... Daddy and Mommy are so happy to have you in our family! Having you with us in the first month was great! We hope that you had good time with us, too! We love you, Declan!

Busy busy busy

It has been a while for not updating my blog. Yes, I'm busy! I'm very busy with my new family life! =)

Well, I've many things to update and note down as I know that I will review my life again and again. While King and I are adjusting our new life routine, my mind is full of writing, still. That's the purpose of having this blog. King is bonding with baby Declan now and here I've my own personal time for my blog. Stay tune.....