Thursday, April 22, 2010

My right side of my baby bump

Lil' baby KJ likes to park himself on my right side of the belly. If you wanna look for baby KJ, please look at my right side of my belly.

Baby KJ kicks and punches frequently, especially after having meal. This lil' angel tickle me at times; I laugh out loud suddenly at times. This is a wonderful feeling! King and I know that baby KJ likes to play with us. Baby is active and curious inside the womb.

Baby KJ, we'll miss this wonderful feeling and moments for sure after this July! We love you, baby KJ! =)

Books for baby KJ

I know I've mentioned many times -- King and I are book lovers. So, it's no doubt that we prepare books and book shelves for our lil' baby KJ. Hehe!

Some people think it's a bit too early for us to prepare books for the lil' one, esp the books for 2 years old and above. I disagree with these people. There's no rule saying that this book is mainly for toddler or young kid or teenager or even an adult. Adult enjoys reading pictures book too; young kid enjoys reading fictions too; baby enjoys reading colorful pictures no matter how many words in it too. We buy good books for all sort of ages, including for ourselves. I laugh at these people because they know nothing about books. Toddlers and kids can't read many words, yet the parents can share the content after reading with the kids, why not?! Parents can spend more quality time with the toddlers or kids by flipping the books, why not?! Parents can figure out the doubts that questioned by the kid from the books, why not?! Why NOT?!

Think out of the box, people. THINK! =)

Taking a break

King is taking a break from work lately. Thank godness he's with me all this while when I lost my Grandma and my baby bump is growing bigger and heavier. He's such a kind hubby, I'd say.

** Well, we did some gardening together, although I hardly do much and King did most of it under Coby's inspection, haha! We know that we will not have time to do gardening together when baby KJ comes to this world.

** King goes for shopping with me all the time. We shop for home furnitures and stuff for baby KJ. It's so good to have a good driver when my belly is big, ha!

** King brings me for swimming with my sister when we have time during weekend. King is a good swimmer. We agree to let baby KJ to take up swimming lesson when he's ready in a few months old.

** We brought Coby to see vet when Coby started to unwell a week ago. Oh man, I don't know how am I going to handle Coby without King because my baby bump is heavy. Coby, we can't live without daddy, do you know that?

** We hang around in bookstore again when we have time. We bought new books for ourselves and baby KJ, again. Hehe!

** We have a lot of DVDs on our TV shelves. I cried wholeheartedly when we watched "Ten Promises", damn it! More DVDs to come while sitting next to King.

** Walking Coby together in the park is our usual daily job. We started to imagine when baby KJ is sitting in his baby stroller, checking out the park and birds in the park together with us, that's nice and sweet!

** Of course, King tend to have more sweet time for me and baby KJ. We talk to and play with baby KJ every morning and every evening. Baby KJ is starting to build the bonding with us and we enjoy every moment with him.

There are more things that we haven't start doing..... Catching movies in theatre, having fun in the kitchen together, designing the room for baby KJ, more and more.

It's good to take a break from work. Life with family is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

My dearest Grandma

I lost my beloved Grandma 3 weeks ago. I was sadden by the news although King and I did visit her a few days before she said final good-bye to everyone.

I tried to hold my tear most of the time because I want to handle the emotion well. But I did have teary eyes a couple times when I was alone.

Well, I did share the good news of having baby KJ with Grandma when she was still alive. She said she wanted to give him a red packet. I was touched after hearing that and was hoping that she could wait until July or August when baby KJ is born. Yet, Grandma is having reunion with Grandpa in the Heaven by now. So I guess it's a good thing in a way.

Baby KJ sensed my sadness and exhausting body during the traveling and funeral. But he was very cooperative with us. He didn't kick a lot; he gave me a peaceful of mind. Thank you, baby KJ.

Grandma has became one of my idols. I see her from the motherly part. I know that I gotta live stronger and happier because I'm going to be a mother soon. Grandma, may you rest in peace and we will miss you forever...... I love you!

The 5 kg

I finally reach 49 kg yesterday, yay! Well, I sound like someone who like to shade off some extra pounds, hahaha! No no, what I mean is I have gained extra 5 kg in the past 6 months, hooray! I'm happy, King is happy too!

By putting on weight, I started to drink fresh milk everyday and eat my favorite Avocado. Most people think I've the potential and good reasons to eat more more more based on my skinny and petite body shape. I disagree with this mentality and saying because everyone has different bone structure and body shape. I just want to eat healthy for myself and my baby, that's it.

Something good that I really wanna mention is baby KJ kicks a lot after having meal every time. I'm happy that he enjoys the food that we have together. I told baby KJ that all kinda food is good for him.

My target weight is 53 kg. Keep it up, mum-to-be! =)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

夫妻誰的基因決定了孩子 (1)


基因, 夫妻, 孩子








男生是XY,X (卵)是來自母親,Y(精子)是來自父親。

女生是XX,X (卵)是來自母親,X(精子)是來自父親。




因為女生的智商是父親母親都有影響,所以會有中和的效應。所以女生智商的分布會呈現自然分布(normal distribution),就是倒鐘狀,中間最多,兩邊較少。



1. 你要判斷一個男生聰不聰明,看他媽媽就知道了。可是,你又要怎麼判斷一個男生的媽媽聰不聰明?......。.想不出簡便的方法...。.

2. 然後我們用機率來算:

生男孩的機率= 1/2;生女孩的機率=1/2。

生男孩的時候,母親對於男孩智商的影響力 = 1

生女孩的時候,母親對於女孩智商的影響力 = 1/2


1*1/2 + 1/2*1/2 : 0*1/2 + 1/2*1/2= 0.75 : 0.25= 3 : 1= 母: 父


1. 是男生,如果你覺得你很笨的話。你千萬要娶一個聰明的女生來。這樣你小孩翻盤的機率還有七成五,人生還是充滿了希望。

2. 是女生,如果你覺得你很笨的話,因為,你翻人家盤的機率有七成五...。.啊,我不能再說了.......。.總之,最近天氣不錯,出去走走。

3. 當你看到一個男生很聰明的時候,則,他父親很聰明的機率是 0% (應該說,就算他父親很聰明,也對他是沒有影響的),可是他母親很聰明的機率是100%。