Friday, January 16, 2009

I couldn't ask for more....

I count my fingers what I'm holding in my life now. More importantly, I've a wonderful husband who is willing to take care of me in the rest of my life, a cheerful dog, a cozy home-sweet-home.... I couldn't ask for more in my life. We, sometimes, are not satisfied what we are having. People like to compare with others non-stop. I envy on other friends who have accomplished what I wish to have now. It is pretty tiring in a sarcastic way. It is a brand new year. I should start a brand new self. It is give and take. So, wish me have a very happy year 2009! =)  Move on and Cheers!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

                     Today is our 3rd wedding anniversay...... Sweet sweet!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

疯掉! 疯掉! 疯掉!

最近我简直是要疯了! 疯得也不想见人的那种! 唉。。。。

怎么说呢? 我这个人呢,就是很不喜欢一直重复讲话,特别是重复回答不同人但同一个问题! 然后还要解释一堆。我就是没有这个耐性,特别是碰到我又很纳闷的事啦!

是什么事情让我这个大小姐这么烦躁呢? 就是在我们这个年龄,而又是人家的妻子了 -- 哎哟,你什么时候要生孩子呀? 你喜不喜欢孩子呀? 要生多少个呀? 为什么还不要生呀? 不是说在做人了吗,怎么还没有好消息呀? 哎哟,是不是身体有问题? 有没有看医生? %@#&@*%*&%$%^)*&@%$  他妈的,还说我身体有问题! 是不是在咒我? 可以说点好听的吗?! 天呀。。。!!! 我可以一个礼拜,接到这种问题4,5次呢 (平均,每个月都会有几个人问)! 中 TOTO 都没有这么好彩! 唉,就算我已经怀孕了,也是被这些人先问到压力压到BABY没有了啦 (这个时候,我还管他我是不是乱乱赖人!)! 如果我回答"顺其自然",更死! 因为,这些人就会说,不可以等了,你年纪已不小了,况且,你应该要去看医生,可能你有问题哩! 晕倒! 我没有问题,都被你吓到我有一堆问题,而且快要忧郁症了啦!

所以,最好是不要回答!! 对! 什么都不要回答! 就算是在 TRY 或不要 BABY 的,什么都不要回答! 然后,马上走开,散到连人影都没有! 我曾经想过,如果这些亲朋戚友一直问个不听,我要如何回答,甚至问回她们,要怎样才会有孩子,你可以和你老公现在做给我看吗, 我不会哩? 哈哈哈! 不过,我还没有出这一招。

人呢,总是爱问问题,而是问关于其他人的问题,不是问关于自己反醒的问题。悲哀啊! 反醒自己,我如何该赚更多的钱,我如何该让自己快乐,我如何该让身边的人更快乐,等等。我想,也因为如此,这些人才不是有钱人吧! 因为有钱人,都是去想些实际的问题多一点,而不是去管人家的是非。

所以呢,我们还是多关心自己多一点比较好。很多时候,关心身边的人,是不问,也是一种礼貌,更是一种尊重!  我不是没有 EQ 的人,而是那些人没有 EQ。呵!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The flowers for you!

The first 5 days of year 2009 pass by real fast without paying much attention! I started to worry about my achievement. There are so many unending stuff are waiting for me to get them done everyday. Would I have things done and prepared on time? Easy easy easy...!!! Smell the flowers and rest for a minute! Enjoy the nice view and a cup of coffee! =)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Live abundantly

Many people make a tremendous amount of money but their relationship stink. That's not wealth. We can go after the money and we might get rich. But it doesn't guarantee we will be wealthy. Money is a part of wealth, yet it's only one part. A lot of people are spiritual but they are sick and broke all the time. This is not wealth either. Life is meant to be abundant in all areas.

I want to see the whole world!

Everyone wish to travel around the world. =)

I wrote myself a list where I want to travel to in my whole life with King. I wish to bring my kids to tag along with us if possible. Because it's great to see the world together with someone you loved. But this is a big project to us due to the budget and timing. We can't travel much if I'm pregnant, or with a new born baby, or when something is on. We can't bring along our kids to an expensive country. So, I came to a plan. 

For honeymooners (I always call a trip for a couple a honeymoon), beach holiday is the best! For example, Maldives, Thailand, Philiphines, Fiji, Tahiti, etc. You can go for spa and massage without kids' disturb and worries. Just pamper yourselves with your loved one without making any big decision! Why not?!

For family with kids, theme park, places where are rich in history and national parks are one of the best! For example, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, part of Europe countries, Egypt, China, Hong Kong, etc. Kids can be introduced by visiting museums, national parks, theme park with their cartoon idol. What a fun trip to have!

For retiree, anywhere is good! For example, Europe, South Pole, South America, you name it! As long as you have a good retirement plan, why not go for a relaxing trip with your long life partner and build up more good memories?!

Well, a plan without action means nothing. It's time for me to do the planning and budgeting for the whole family. Money money money.... Hehehe...

Crying kid -- Kindergarden

There is a kindergarden right in front of my house, actually. I was waken up by a crying child this morning. He cried nonstop for 20 minutes. I guess he was not willing to be left out by his mother or father in school, the first day of his school. Trust me, the whole neighborhood can hear his crying and shout!

I told King, I never cried when I went to kindergarden when I was little. I found that it was fun to go to school. My mom lead me to an independent path and that's how I become today. Kids nowadays are spoilt easily and badly. They don't know how to socialize with other kids. They just want to be with their parents, especially the mothers. 

I don't know how I would be when I am a mother one day. But I definitely will bring my kids to a fun world that makes them so enjoyable to be by themselves. Wish me luck! :D

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yes Man!

"Yes Man!" is a great movie!! One word can change everything. =)

By saying Yes to everything in an entire year, Jim Carrey experienced a lot of new things and he brought happiness to many people surrounding him - neighbors, colleagues, customers, friends. At the end of the movie, the message is - we only say Yes when we really want to with no regret.

Say Yes to everything is a new challenge in our life. Because we are going to do and try a lot of new stuff in our life which we have no guts to do it at all. I, sometimes, will refuse to answer a call or just wait for a second to get things done. Things will be drag and postponed again and again. And I regret after that. Time doesn't wait for a single second.

So, please say Yes to our new year resolution! Please say Yes to our to-do list! Please say Yes to your dreams! Let us be a Yes-man!

Old generation vs X generation

King and I attend neighbor's party last night and we had a lot of good time with our neighbors. Surprisingly, we are the youngest among them in the table! We talked about the old time during WWII and how tough their life was. 

I told King after the gathering, we cannot compete with those baby boomers no matter how. They are tough whom no one can beat them mentally! They have seen so many cruel scene and damn Japanese troops during the war time. And, that made them to be one of the toughest people in the world who can survive through the whole period. Can't agree more, they made a bright future before their 40's or 50's based on their strong characteristic. These are what we should learn from them to achieve what we are looking for. But.... the young generation nowadays can't even speak a good language?! We are not as persistent as them when come to pursuing our dreams?! What are we and where are we now? I look into the mirror and ask myself.... Am I wasting my time?

It was a wonderful gathering, indeed! Because it gave me a wake up call to review my characteristics. Move on, Eunice!!!  

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year Resolutions

What is your new year resolution? I'm sure many people will ask you this before and after the New Year count down. I came to the following notes one day and I would love to share with my friends here. Before writing down your resolutions list, these are the things that we should have in our mind as following :

1. Know the purpose of your list;
2. Consider what already makes you happy;
3. Be sure your goals are things you're pursuing for yourself;
4. Concentrate on doing, not having;
5. Include enjoyable goals on your list when possible;
6. Reread your list and notice how it makes you feel;
7. Be prepared to ball up your list and flush it.

It's easy to list down what we decided to do. But we need a lot of encouragement to make it happen. Year 2009, here we come!