Friday, January 7, 2011

My activities with baby Declan


It's fun to taking care of a baby at home, well, if you have him occupied. I always run out of ideas when it comes to baby activities. Here are what Declan and I do every day at home. Haha!

~ Reading is a must! We are glad that Declan loves book and reading! I hope this good habit can last him the whole life as we learn through reading besides playing.
~ Toys. Kids without toys are not kids. Whatever toys we hand out Declan, we encourage him to grap, shake, bite, smell, touch, squeeze , whatever sense you name it.
~ Music is on for hours. I turn on the musics for Declan and he has been listening to the musics since he was a fetus in my tummy.
~ Singing. Oh dear, I sing to Declan many many times a day. I feel that singing can calm Declan down and he'd smile at me back. Diaper changing, bathing, dancing, I sing to Declan.
~ Paintings. I let Declan see a few Renaissance paintings for visionary training. I hope the focusing training can help his capability in the future. Surprisingly, his favorite Renaissance painting is Mona Lisa, hahahaha! Now I know the reason of why Mona Lisa is a world famous painting! Babies love to see faces.
~ Walking in the park is our daily activity. I notice that Declan loves to be outdoor. He loves to see the cars moving, the kids playing and running around in the park, Coby running in the park with us, the trees and leaves dancing in the air, the smell of flowers and green, the birds singing! Foremost, he loves to be carried by me by using baby carrier. He's a little explorer. I told Declan, it's good to be part of the nature!
~ The squary screen. Ah ha! I hate to introduce Declan all squary screen which they are TV and computer! However, I only let Declan enjoy his only two music video cartoons -- Elmo Song & Backyardigans for 5 mins. He can only enjoy the show by watching once a week or less.
~ Flash cards. After doing some reading regarding baby brain development, I finally was convinced to try flash cards on Declan. I'm a practical person who believe in learn-through-play. No doubt, playing is still the key in our life, I let Declan to see the pictures and words by using flash cards. He flaps his hands and kicks his legs when he saw the images that he is familiar with the most. I'm amazed by his feedback.
~ Sociology, ah ha! I always introduce our friends and neighbors to Declan. Positive feedback is Declan always smile at them, although he starts having separation anxiety now. He's a contented baby -- this is what I always hear from our friends and neighbors. I hope he is and he'll.
~ Tummy time. Declan doesn't like to sleep on his tummy most of the time. But tummy time is good for his motor skill and cognitive system. So I let him on tummy during his play time everyday.
~ "What are daddy/mommy and coby doing now?". This is what King and I ask Declan every day and night. We try to explain Declan about our daily jobs and he's not alone or ignored. We want to make sure he's well-noticed and well-marked at home although we might be busy with something else when he was alone.
~ Mirroring. I love this activity with Declan! He loves to smile at himself in the mirror although he doesn't recognize himself yet. He is a shy baby, sometimes. I hope seeing himself in the mirror will be able to bring him more confidence.
~ Baby sign language. Ah.... This is something new for Declan when he just turned into 6 months old. This is really really fun, even King loves it too! We hope the sign can help him to communicate with us in near future. Persistent and patient play an important part. I need to be consistent on this.
~ We tell Declan that we love him everyday. Of course, kissing is a must, hahaha! I can't stop kissing my little baby every minute!!!!! Mothers are hopeless on this! Hehe!
~ .... There would be more and more new activities in near future. Swimming, new exploring, baby yoga, and others which I can't wait to let him try. It's really fun to have a baby at home! Babies are our best playmate!! I learn things through spending time with my baby!

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