Friday, January 7, 2011

I haven't been updating my blog for so long! I mean, it has been very long, ah hahaha! Well, I'm not a lazy butt just that I've been quite tight up with my little one. A lot of busy but fun time with little Declan!

King has back to work as usual since end of November. Hence, I've no helper at home when it comes to Declan and housework. And so, I've to adjust my time table and re-schedule everything. Thank God, everything is up to path and up to my standard -- of course, I can't be perfect, ha! Fortunately, King did help me out for the floor cleaning part, phew! This is the big thing that I hardly do nowadays.

Well, what has happened in the past 2 months? No doubt, Declan has grown up a lot amazingly! It's unbelievable! I brought him for third vaccination and my own thyroid check up in December. We enjoyed our several journeys to the hospital. I really love my baby! =)

Christmas time? Oh yay, Declan had a hectic Christmas holiday schedule with us! Our Christmas Eve dinner with David family and Kurjit family was fun and full of laughter! We love these 2 wonderful families! On Christmas day, we enjoyed our gathering time with friends. The rest of the holiday, we were out and about. My poor little Declan was down with flu after a few days. And so, I've to postpone my plan of introducing solid food to Declan. He was down on New Year -- what a good start of the year 2011! We visited doctor Khoo on 3/1, finally. Without giving Declan medicines, he fights with his own immunity. My little fighter, pls get well soon!

Now, Declan has plenty of phlegm but mild coughing. I hope he is entering the next stage of growing up now. Baby, be tough, ok? We miss the happy face of you so much! =)

We love you, Declan!

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