Thursday, January 13, 2011

Colorful books of Declan

King and I have the same value of reading. Both of us think that it's way too important to read good books. We have limitation in terms of time and knowledge to our child. Hence, we believe that Declan would be able to learn more by reading -- knowledge and well manners. And, that's the main reason for book introduction to little Declan since his 2 months old.

It's okay for us if Declan doesn't understand the whole story line. We think that the colorful pages with bold words is good for this little baby's vision and imagination. At the same time, variety of vocabularies would sound more interesting to the baby. Foremost, the story time that between the parents and the baby is so fun! When we introduced Declan a book during the story time, I let him see the book cover and sign him "Book" with my words. He usually will give me a smile if I show him his favorite books. I'm more than happy to tell him all kinda stories.

We, sometimes, lie down on the bed together for story telling. Otherwise, Declan would sit up front of me. Ahhh.... Declan's small eyes would stare at the books. He would even turn his head to me and smile at me while I did the reading for him. I love the sweet moment!! And yes, baby can read! Baby does read!!

We've bought Declan a lot of books before his arrival. We chose every single books carefully for his good manners build-up. Most importantly, he'd enjoy every single story and book happily. However, we have to be a good role models if we really want Declan to love books. The whole family has a lot of books sit on the tables and bookshelves. We want to read together in near future.

Son, it's sky limit to learn things in our whole life. Daddy and mommy are not looking forward to own an academic child but a happy child. We hope you would find your direction and goal in life. But setting your own goal in life, setting your own value of life is far more important than anything else. Enjoy what you are having, appreciate what we are offering, love what you are holding on. We love you, Declan! =)

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